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A Nuclear Demolition - Ridge & Partners LLP
A Nuclear Demolition

A quote from the Project Director:

‘I’d like to pass on my thanks and gratitude to the Ridge Team for their valuable and proactive support throughout this work…The overall project team delivered a fantastic performance, which I’m extremely proud of.
The Ridge Team were significant contributors in achieving this result.’

A major part of the nuclear decommissioning of a former radiochemical manufacturing facility has now been completed, a project for which Ridge was the CDM Co-ordinator, as well as providing Structural Engineering support. Ridge has built up a relationship with this Client over the past four years which has culminated in the provision of CDM-C services for much of the decommissioning programme. As well as completing other works, such as laboratory strip outs and extensive de-planting, a major milestone has been reached following the demolition of a 2,500m2 concrete frame building which was contaminated with the radioactive isotopes Tritium and Carbon 14.

Ridge worked closely with the Client team, including Radiation Protection Advisors, Health Physics Technicians, and waste team, as well as the nominated demolition contractor, which enabled all key stakeholders to work together to achieve the project goals and react quickly to design changes which were required as more of the structure was exposed. Ridge chaired weekly meetings, which was held to discuss the forthcoming week’s work, key hazards and risks, as well as a review of work undertaken in the preceding week. Ridge was also part of the pre-commencement team which was set up to review risk management procedures and develop mitigation measures, which formed the basis of the construction phase plan and the radiological safety case.

Key challenges, in addition to the radiological contamination included:

  • Ongoing operation of the site as a whole;
  • The risk of structural collapse.
  • A link corridor adjoining the building to other existing buildings;
  • Significant discrepancies between historic as built drawings and the structure itself;
  • The risk of groundwater contamination.

The demolition sequence was based on contamination risks, which was also balanced against conventional safety hazards. The result was a project with zero lost time accidents and zero recordable injuries meaning another great result for Ridge and one very happy client.


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