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All Bar One Restaurants - Projects- Ridge & Partners LLP

The Ridge sustainability team was drafted in to investigate difficulties controlling temperatures in a number of All Bar One restaurants. The owners of the chain, Mitchells and Butlers, had asked contractors to resolve the problems but without success: The restaurants remained cool in winter with high energy bills.

Our experts swiftly identified that the issues could be attributed to three possible causes:

  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Poorly operating controls
  • Defective air conditioning units.

The Ridge team’s next step was therefore to conduct a series of site visits with the incumbent maintenance contractors. By working with them and setting performance targets, the standards of maintenance improved dramatically.

Our professionals also identified items on existing systems that would require attention over a five-year period. This delivered the benefit to the client of being able plan these works into a phased replacement strategy to be rolled out over several years.

An additional major benefit we delivered concerned control systems, which the manufacturers had recommended were replaced. Our experienced professionals found that the majority of the problems with these systems arose from peripheral components. As a result, the systems were rectified for relatively modest sums and without the need to replace them wholesale.

Two air conditioning systems did require replacing, however, and Ridge helped the client select the best system, agree costs with the installers and inspect the works. Our engineers used our IES building modelling software to predict the performance, energy consumption and lifetime costs for each potential system. By careful selection of systems and contractors, we delivered these projects at just 50% of the cost that the contractors originally proposed.

Overall, Ridge ensured high-quality and efficient plant performance. As a result, customer comfort levels in All Bar One restaurants have improved, costs have been controlled and the client has a clear plan for the future operation of air conditioning systems across its estate.

All Bar One Restaurants - Projects- Ridge & Partners LLP

All Bar One Restaurants - Projects- Ridge & Partners LLP


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