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Asphalt Reconstruction Works, Nardò


The Nardò Technical Center in Apulia, Southern Italy, was founded in 1975.  In 2012 Porsche Engineering took over responsibility for the testing center and today it is one of the most important proving grounds in the world.  The characteristic feature of the Nardò is its Circular Track, 12.6km long and 4km in diameter. Due to the inner inclination of the outermost track, the centrifugal force is compensated, giving drivers the sensation of driving in a straight line, even at speeds of 240 km/h.

The circular track, which is open to use by any client, offers car lanes, lorry lanes, service lanes and emergency lanes.

Ridge provided commercial management services to the designers in order to extend the life of the pavement on the tracks by providing an overlay to the existing flexible surface. The work was carried out within a challenging budget and demanding programme to minimise down time.

The Ridge team:

  • Prepared a high level programme based upon the principal quantities and key assumptions to confirm viability.
  • Produced Bills of Quantities and associated tender documentation which provided constructive challenge to the design and specification to ensure that it reflected the client and designer’s aspirations including reviewing the proposed conditions of contract.
  • Prepared accurate pre-tender cost estimates for work in Southern Italy including pricing specialist surfacing materials.
  • Reviewed the returned tender submissions and produced reports which raised challenges to the inconsistencies within the Contractors’ tenders as well as their programmes.
  • The work involved responding to queries and design changes within very tight deadlines in support of the design team.

Benefits to the Client included:

  • Ridge expert review of the proposed conditions of contract to ensure appropriateness resulting in a change to the contract.
  • Detailed pre-contract work enabled specific challenges of the tender submissions and identified key areas of concern to protect the client.
  • Ridge provided a pricing schedule which ensured that the client achieved value for money when making changes post-contract to respond to the refurbishment nature of the work.



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