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Eli Lilly – Refurbishment

Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly, the US-headquartered pharmaceuticals company, appointed Ridge to a critical programme to upgrade a part of its UK manufacturing operation. The work on the Solid Dose Manufacturing Facility in Basingstoke involved a series of projects to upgrade the plant.

Timely delivery was of paramount importance: The cost to Eli Lilly for lost production while the facility was shut down would be £1 million per day, therefore, the facility could only be offline for a very limited period, which allowed minimal time for construction.

Other challenges included the fact that production areas were surrounded by other functions that were required to remain operational throughout the works. In addition, confidentiality and site security were of high importance due to patent sensitivity and animal rights protestors.

A further issue was that Ridge identified the need for a new plant room, but there was no available space. A solution was eventually found by providing the new room over the existing plant room by introducing a complex steelwork support system.

Following rigorous investigations and surveys our experts produced the programme plan. This included an 18-month period during which stock would be built prior to the shutdown and various enabling and ancillary projects would be procured and undertaken.

We instigated a procurement strategy that enabled the contractors to be selected six months before the shutdown, which allowed for an intensive planning and programming period. We also set out a full programme of non-critical post-shutdown projects, in order to limit the amount of work required while the facility was offline.

Ridge ensured that as much of the work as possible was prefabricated. Large-scale prefabrication of rooms and skids was not possible because the area was ‘landlocked’ by operational facilities. However, by ensuring all walls and ceilings were clean room systems with fully accessible ceilings, the project became feasible.

To ensure that the project succeeded, our professionals managed the careful selection of contractors experienced in shutdown works. For the clean room system we also managed a process that minimised the risk of delay or defects. The project was delivered to the timescale and within budget.

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