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Greenacres, Otterbourne

Flooded Fields

Greenfield land at Otterbourne in Hampshire had historically been prone to serious flooding from the River Bourne, so when the development of 12 luxury homes was proposed in the area, the client, Devine Homes, required an extremely robust solution. Devine appointed Ridge to tackle the site.

One particular section of the river was in particularly poor condition and flooded regularly, causing damage to adjacent residential properties. The trunk foul sewer was also substantially overloaded and this was causing flooding upstream of the site. The conditions that needed to be addressed were therefore challenging.

Our smart solution was to establish a new floodplain and habitats for wildlife. Skilled professionals at Ridge designed an ecologically-sound scheme, which improved the river’s flow rate by re-grading and re-profiling to produce better gradients and natural overflows onto the planned floodplain zone. In addition, the foul water sewer was replaced with an ovoid pipe, which provides online storage of peak foul water flows.

These solutions greatly reduced the risk of flooding to adjacent properties as well as others further up-stream. In the years since our system was delivered, exceptional weather has tested it to its full potential and none of the previously affected properties have proved to be at risk.




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