Stock Condition Surveys

Ridge has a dedicated team of professional stock condition surveyors that undertake many thousands of residential surveys each year. In addition to collecting stock condition and attribute data the team also collect energy data, produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), and gather specialist data relating to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

Following receipt of variable quality surveys from works contractors and other consultants, Ridge was commissioned to survey half of the housing stock for Homes for Haringey, the data arising from this significant process was used to populate a re-structured asset management database (Northgate Strategic Asset management ‘SAM’), a further project led by Ridge’s specialist database experts.

Our data was used to inform and develop detailed packages of work for years 3 & 4 of Haringey’s backlog Decent Homes programme and also to inform their self-financing business plan following Housing Revenue Account (HRA) reform. The project utilised hand-held data capture devices to gather the condition survey data using an agreed survey form design, our resident liaison staff then helped to issue letters in batches and to schedule appointments with residents.  We then re-built the client’s asset management database, complete with an updated and validated address file, input the new survey form design and rules for Decent Homes calculation. As is typical, we provided a written report, a comprehensive photograph file, energy performance results and cost reporting tables that covered a 30 year business plan term.

Ridge also worked with Haringey to develop a bespoke stock Viability Model that has been used to identify potential regeneration areas and assess costs alongside a wide range of social factors.

Ridge has subsequently been re-commissioned to survey the remainder of the stock and to update the Viability Model as more active asset management principles are introduced.


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