Active Asset Management

Ridge provides expert strategic asset management consultancy services to landlords with large corporate and/or housing portfolios. With a range of clients, such as the States of Jersey, Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) and Tower Hamlets Homes, we have led the development of best practice asset management strategies that reinforce the importance of effective planning as well as delivery. A typical Ridge strategy enables a client to deliver an active approach to asset management helping to ensure that re-investment occurs to the right assets, in the right locations at the right time.

MSDC has been a long standing client and following Ridge undertaking a comprehensive stock condition survey, we have prepared a whole stock Viability Model, have assessed their Sheltered Accommodation portfolio and also their non-traditionally constructed dwellings. In accordance with an agreed Asset Management Strategy, MSDC now has an active approach to asset management. Using these new principles and information the Council has agreed the disposal of approximately £900,000 of unviable stock and intends to use the capital receipts to boost its new house building programme.

Our market leading strategies combine with other Ridge tools, such as the Stock Viability Model and associated Options Appraisal Template (complete with process maps), to deliver active asset management within an organisation. We can help to establish and energise asset stakeholder groups and to facilitate opportunities for improvement or alternative actions, as well as close alignment with associated documents such as a Development and Regeneration Strategy.

The Ridge Stock Viability Model can be used to appraise an entire portfolio, processing a wide range of cost, income and social factors to grade the stock according to user definable and easily adjustable parameters, allowing for both individual property and wider area appraisal. The Model considers income as well as outgoings to determine the net present value (NPV) of an asset; this can provide valuable information about the likely timing of recommended future actions.

We can also assist with setting organisational objectives and priorities, as well as standards, specifications, policies and procedures; therefore leading to an integrated asset management approach.


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