Sheltered Accommodation

Ridge can provide a specialist service to help assess the options available for complicated and often difficult to let supported housing and sheltered accommodation. We can gather stock condition information, undertake DDA Audits, HQI checks, HAPPI Design Criteria reviews, assess local facilities, provide costed options for improvements, remodelling, conversions and site re-development.

At the time of our appointment RCT Homes (based in South Wales) managed 27 sheltered housing schemes, 20% of these were bedsits that were becoming increasingly unpopular and the remote rural locations of some schemes was also problematic.

Ridge submitted a proposal to undertake an options appraisal of the sheltered schemes based on a review of existing documentation, asset management data and visits to each scheme to interview staff, meet residents and validate the information provided.

We provided a detailed report identifying issues with some schemes and suggestions for improvement.  In conjunction with RCT we developed a ‘traffic light’ assessment that appraised all accommodation against ‘an ideal’ standard. We recommended that the majority of schemes be retained and that two sites be redeveloped with more suitable sheltered accommodation. Some other schemes needed more detailed options appraisals, where we identified significant issues relating to their design and facilities that would not be straightforward to resolve and in some instances problems with the location leading to a decrease in demand.

RCT Homes has actively improved their sheltered housing schemes based on the recommendations of our report resulting in a higher standard, a more suitable and viable portfolio.

A similar project was undertaken for South Northants Homes as part of our wider role assisting with the transfer of the stock from the local authority. In this instance we directly helped to dispose of one un-fit scheme and to extend and improve another, this project led to a win at the Sustainable Housing Awards!


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