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St Mary’s College, Oscott

St Marys College

St Mary’s College is the Grade II Listed home of the Seminary of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The institution, which is part of Oscott College in Sutton Coldfield, wished to take on 50 additional students. To house the new intake, an upgrade of the college’s existing accommodation was needed. Based on our experts’ in-depth understanding of heritage assets and experience of managing costs and safety for sensitive projects, Ridge was appointed by the college.

The project included the installation of new roof lights, structural alterations to strengthen the building, a services upgrade and the addition of a new water tank. The client’s safety requirements also stipulated the protection of students, that suitable fire detection was maintained throughout the works, that materials had safe access and that asbestos was removed safely.

After an in-depth review, it was decided that main access would be via an existing staircase. To comply with the latest legislation, existing banisters had to be raised. The stairs were also boarded to provide further protection to the structure and finishes.

The configuration of the building meant that materials could not be brought to site via mechanical means. Therefore it was agreed that all items were reduced to a size and weight that could be safely carried, manually, to the upper floors.

Due to the age of the building, its fire rating was poor. It was therefore imperative that all risks of ignition be eliminated. Our solution was to ensure that all hot works took place within a designated external compound. Additional fire detection points were also included in all areas of the works.

Under the management of our experts, all asbestos identified within the site was removed prior to construction commencing. This successfully eliminated all risks to any parties.




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