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Hampton Court Palace
Ridge is thrilled to have been appointed as Cost Managers for structural alterations and the historic conservation of the Real Tennis Court at Hampton Court Palace.

Hampton Court Palace is enriched by its impressive 500 year history. Originally the first real tennis court was built at Hampton Court Palace between 1526 and 1529 for Cardinal Wosley and has subsequently been enjoyed by; Henry VII, Charles I, Charles II, Prince Albert and even the royal family today. Throughout the court’s long history it has always been popular among royalty and gentry who have enjoyed playing, spectating and gambling on the frequent games of real tennis.

Tennis has changed almost beyond recognition over the last 500 years, which means that Hampton Court Palace is now only one of fifty places in the world where the game of real tennis is still played. Originally balls were made from clay and the game resembled a mix of tennis and squash as each court had four walls. Today members of the public are also able to learn, play and watch real tennis surrounded by walls that date back to the 16th and 17th century.

The Ridge London team is delighted to be working with Hampton Court Palace in helping to ensure the preservation of this historic site.


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