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Ridge Retail Month - Ridge & Partners LLP
Ridge Retail Month

As the start of May draws in a new month, our attention on Social Media draws towards Retail. Over the next month we will highlight over projects that Ridge has worked on in the Retail Sector as well as posting updates from our newest projects.

What a better way to start the month than an update from the Marks and Spencer project; Ridge has been involved on the cost and project management of 30 stores delivering great energy and maintenance savings with LED retro fit lighting.
It is hoped that the project will be extended over the next 12 months with additional ‘Simply Food’ and ‘Outlet’ stores having an LED retro fit out.

In addition to lighting, Ridge has also been involved in the cost management of a Biomass boiler into the Warrington Gemini store and are looking at opportunities with M&S for similar future projects.

With lots happening over the next month at Ridge, make sure you keep your eyes peeled across our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages as we post all the latest updates, news and photos from our retail sector!


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