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Ridge Working with Merton College on Sports Pavilion Refurbishment

Ridge were approached by Merton College to carry out refurbishment works on their Grade II Listed Sports Pavilion in Central Oxford. Designed and built in the late 1970’s by Michael Dixey, the Pavilion was widely publicised as an exemplary piece of Modernist architectural design within the field of sport and leisure.

The pavilion had however become ‘tired’ over time and required internal and external works to restore it to its former quality and to a suitable state of usability in keeping with a modern day sport facility.

Ridge developed a refurbishment strategy that would achieve this within the constraints of the Grade II listing. The main force driving the project was to re-establish the core modernist principles of Michael Dixey’s initial design such as applying a refined palette of materials throughout and maintaining a simplicity and clarity in structure and form

Particular attention was given to the cleaning methods used to restore original materials and finishes to their former appearance. Any potential harm to the historic fabric of the building was mitigated through the proposed works.

Where existing fabric was damaged beyond repair, careful consideration was given to selecting a ‘like-for-like’ replacement in an attempt to maintain the buildings style and aesthetic.


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