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The Building Simulation & Optimization 2014 - Ridge & Partners LLP
The Building Simulation & Optimization 2014 - Ridge & Partners LLP
The Building Simulation & Optimization 2014

On 6-7th June, the Building Simulation & Optimization 2014 (BSO14) was held at UCL, London. Konstantinos Pyrintsos, Building Physics Engineer for Ridge & Partners in the Bristol office, was one of the presenting authors. He presented a paper based on his dissertation for the MSc Building Energy & Environmental Performance Modelling at Cardiff University.

The title of the paper is “A modelling methodology on the impact of air conditioners heat rejection. The case study of Thessaloniki, Greece.” The main hypothesis is that air conditioners rejecting heat to an urban canyon can in turn lead to increased energy consumption due to the increased air temperature near the building envelope.

The methodology suggested is based on the sequential exchange of data between the building energy model and the CFD urban model. This coupling tries to overcome the restrictive nature of weather data obtained from rural weather stations that leave out the impact of the urban microclimate and the Urban Heat Island phenomenon.

The paper concludes that the results confirm that heat rejection can potentially lead to increased energy consumption. This coupled methodology revealed an increase of 0.2 up to 0.5 W/m2 in the electricity consumption due to air conditioners heat rejection. At an urban scale, this could result at an overall 3% increase of the cooling load.

BSO14 was the 2nd conference organised by IBPSA (International Building Performance Simulation Association – England) in association with CIBSE


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