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The CDM Regulations are changing – we can help!

Following extensive consultation, the HSE have released their final draft proposals for the revisions to the CDM Regulations in 2015. This is the most significant change to construction health and safety legislation since 2007 and there are some major differences between the current and proposed regulations.

  • The CDM Co-ordinator will be replaced by a ‘Principal Designer’.
  • The Principal Designer and Principal Contractor will be required for all projects where there is more than one trade contractor.
  • If you are a client and you do not appoint either a Principal Designer or Principal Contractor then you will automatically be deemed to be carrying out these roles (and therefore be responsible for all of their duties).
  • The regulations will apply to domestic projects.
  • The client must make sure that a construction phase plan is provided for ALL projects where more than one contractor is appointed.
  • The notification threshold is changing and the Client will be responsible for notifying the HSE.
  • The client will need to ensure those appointed (i.e. Designer, Principal Contractor and Principal Designer) can demonstrate appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision. This is a departure from the current explicit competence requirements.
  • The client duties will become more onerous.

Ridge has been involved in the CDM consultation process will continue to be at the forefront of CDM and construction health and safety advice. As a multi-disciplinary practice we have the skills and expertise to provide ongoing CDM advice from project inception to completion.

What we can offer

Principal Designer

Wherever we are appointed as a Designer we can undertake the Principal Designer role. Our design expertise coupled with our health and safety knowledge and experience will easily allow us to carry out these duties.

Client Advisor

The Client duties are more onerous. We can offer a Client CDM Advisor service which will allow you to discharge your duties in confidence. These include:

  • Notifying the HSE of the project particulars and confirm that you are aware of your duties.
  • Appointing a principal designer and principal contractor.
  • Ensuring duty holders comply with their duties.
  • Providing the pre-construction information.
  • Ensuring that the minimum health and safety standards are maintained on site.
  • Ensuring that the construction phase health and safety plan is drawn up by the principal contractor.
  • Ensuring that a health and safety file is produced by the principal designer.

Our experienced team of CDM professionals can guide you through the changes and your project.

Principal Designer Consultancy

If you are a designer who wants to get on with designing, our CDM professionals can assist you to discharge your duties under the revised regulations. We will offer you the same service that we would provide if we were undertaking the Principal Designer role ourselves, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Help and assistance

We can guide you through the current changes and are offering a series of seminars and Q&A sessions which will allow you understand how the changes affect you and what you will need to do to comply.  We can offer a solution that is designed around your needs, either as a Client or a Designer and would happy to discuss this with you in detail.

If you would like to discuss a free CDM seminar or a project in more detail then please contact Martin Emery at our Oxford office.

01993 815000


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