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Traffic & Transport Team Works Closely with Housing Association

Our Traffic and Transport (T&T) Team based in Winchester has been working closely with  Family Mosaic, a large London based Housing Association, to produce a Travel Plan and provide Travel Plan Co-ordinator services for one of its new residential developments in the former Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital in Tower Hamlets. The scheme provides 188 residential units, which are a mix of both private and affordable housing.

The Travel Plan was produced by T&T in 2016, with the aim of influencing the travel behaviour of residents and visitors to/from/within the development site. The proposed Interim travel mode targets seek a reduction in single occupancy car journeys by 6% alongside an increase in the use of sustainable modes of transport.  These were deemed to be challenging but achievable targets considering the site’s location in Central London, proximity to public transport and the fact that existing mode share of car drivers in the ward is already low. The limited number of car parking spaces allocated to the residential units within the development also supported the mode shift to sustainable travel.

Following on from the formal discharge of the Travel Plan by Tower Hamlets, T&T were asked by Family Mosaic to undertake the five year TPC role to manage the ongoing implementation and review of the travel plan measures within the TP and promote sustainable travel to all residents. A significant part of this work is liaising directly with the residents, answering any questions or queries they may have regarding journey planning, and advising them on sustainable travel. Alongside the Welcome Pack issued to each resident within the sales pack, monthly newsletters, written and designed by T&T, are produced to inform residents of any local groups or events in the area that promote sustainable travel also updating residents on the progress with the Travel Plan.

Later in the year we will be undertaking a baseline travel survey for the development in order to update the mode share targets within  the Travel Plan, and liaising with Tower Hamlets on the progress of the Travel Plan at regular intervals. Over the next five years future travel surveys with accompanying Monitoring Reports will be undertaken at years 3 and 5.



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