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Twelfth Night Quiz - Ridge & Partners LLP
Twelfth Night Quiz - Ridge & Partners LLP
Twelfth Night Quiz - Ridge & Partners LLP
Twelfth Night Quiz

For the fourth year running the Bristol office has held their Twelfth Night themed quiz, with a record 19 teams taking part this year. The event is now firmly established in the Bristol property events calendar as the first event of the New Year with an evening of fun and a chance to raise some money for charity.

How the quiz works; there are 12 rounds of questions, each with a title of one of the 12 days of Christmas and a tenuous link, which varies every year. This year ‘Two Turtle Doves’ comprised of questions about Peace whilst ‘Five Gold Rings’ was based on JRR Tolkien. A tactically played ‘Joker’ (played blind before the category is announced) can triple the teams score.

The ‘Picture Round’ was an identification of iconic buildings in and around Bristol. Though every team managed to guess the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Cabot Tower, there was some head scratching for the historic ceilings from the Lord Mayors Chapel and the Royal West of England Academy (RWA).

Our overall winner was the team from NVB Architects scoring a total of 63%

Last year the Bristol office joined the NSPCC 1000 Club. We have pledged over the duration of a year to raise as much money as possible and have been aiming for that magical £1k figure. The Ridge Partners have agreed to round up the fundraising from the Quiz night to £1000, taking the current fundraising tally to circa £1,500 so far this year and we are still going!


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