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BIM Consulting

The Ridge BIM Consultancy service bridges the Information gap between design, construct through to operation, delivering our clients reduced costs and improved efficiencies via a whole life cycle BIM Strategy and Delivery model (pictured left).

This service will support our clients in understanding where the value is for them and how BIM will act as a catalyst in being able to achieve their targets.

Scope of services:

Stage 1: Client and stakeholder dedicated onsite BIM training

Stage 2: BIM estate / business level strategy planning

  • Client and Supply chain evaluation
  • Production of documents to enable ability to procure a BIM project
  • Assistance in appointment of BIM capable design team
  • Develop Asset / COBie requirements
  • Technological infrastructure review

Stage 3: Information manager and Project Delivery manager role

  • Monitor change management
  • Collation of Asset / COBie information
  • BIM Workshops

Stage 4: Ensure model is kept up to date during occupation

To harness the benefits of moving to digital delivery Ridge have developed the ‘DAMDIP’ model (pictured left) which is the overarching driver behind our BIM consultancy service. The core philosophy of our data centric service is that we will enhance data over time to continually inform better strategic and project decisions for our clients.

For a detailed overview of each stage of the Ridge BIM consulting offer please click here.

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