What We Do


Property Consultancy

Few can match the Ridge track record in providing exceptional strategic advice and property consultancy services to housing, public sector and corporate clients.

To acquire, develop, own and manage a property portfolio requires a significant investment of both time and money and carries a high degree of risk.  However, if you employ the right strategies at the right time then the rewards can be impressive. This is where the Ridge Property Consultancy team can help you.

Strategic Advice
Our knowledge of property markets combined with a deep understanding of business goals, objectives, drivers and constraints enables us to provide sound strategic advice within a wider context.  Ridge can guide you through the most complex of deals, help to unlock the full potential value within your portfolio, maximise return on your investment and to drive organisational change and growth.

Ridge has extensive experience in developing business plans and providing expert due diligence services for a wide range of property initiatives; especially for local authority self-financing, large scale voluntary transfers, smaller transfers and stock rationalisation. The quality and thoroughness of our work has made the difference to the successful outcome of many deals and as a result we have become a trusted advisor to many clients both large and small. In addition we are also well known and respected by several leading funders and valuers which certainly helps to facilitate quicker and more successful negotiations.

Your property portfolio is affected by fluctuations in the property market which in turn is influenced by many factors, not just economic.  Using our market leading viability model we can review the whole of your portfolio, advising on viability and strategies to optimise your investment.  We can also identify development or rationalisation opportunities, check alignment of asset management and development strategies, and provide a specialist review of sheltered accommodation, high-rise and non-traditional stock.

Property Consultancy
Our highly qualified and experienced property consultancy team provides a comprehensive set of asset management and asset intelligence services.

Using a combination of condition surveys, specialist investigations, validations, reviews and energy/EPC expertise, we are able to review the effectiveness of your property management strategies and how well they are being implemented. Additionally, we provide accurate data about each asset and create comprehensive and objective asset management database systems which help you to understand your properties more clearly, make more informed decisions, establish priorities, and manage your portfolios more efficiently and professionally. Where required we will also support you in reorganising your business to suit the agreed strategies.

Procurements Services
Ridge provides specialist advice on procurement strategy and an expert implementation service to help you assemble a supply chain which maximises benefits, minimises risks and ensures full compliance with EU Regulations (OJEU).

Health and Safety
The myriad of health and safety regulations can be daunting for any landlord, particularly with the onerous obligations of a duty holder, but with our advice understanding and compliance can be made a lot easier.  We will review your policies, management plans, procedures, processes and implementation to check compliance and align your performance against best practice.

For housing clients we will provide a rating in accordance with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and full staff training to improve performance.

New Build and Development Management
As well as providing expert advice for existing assets, our team can guide you to produce appropriate development and regenerations strategies, to identify opportunities and then can offer a ‘turn-key’ service to turn your vision into a reality.  Ridge has all of the skills required to take you from strategy, through the initial appraisal and due diligence stages (including flood risk assessment and transport planning for example), through to development management and scheme monitoring.

Expert Witness
We also have an Expert Witness capability which provides reliable, accurate, respected advice and analysis and has been used to successfully resolve many property related disputes.