What We Do


Structural Engineering

Ridge produces practical, elegant and economical structural design solutions for all types of building and infrastructure projects irrespective of their size or complexity.

Our objective is to achieve buildings and structures which integrate shape, strength, aesthetics and function whilst being simple and economic to construct and minimising impact on the environment.

We recognise that every project has a unique set of constraints and objectives including: budget; programme; design concept; building or structure performance criteria; future flexibility; sustainability; site logistics; and neighbouring assets.

Employing a rigorous approach to structural design, we: explore from first principles; establish logic and concept; balance the demands of geometry, materials and loads to optimise the performance of the foundations, frame and facades; and assess the implications for energy usage and environmental impact. Utilising up-to-date design software we are able to develop and test a number of design options, manipulating the design criteria to establish the best economic and buildable solution.

Using Building Information Modelling we provide clients and architects with a visual demonstration of how all components of a design work together, which also helps us to optimise the structural efficiency of the design. Additionally we can check the viability of the project and challenge the suitability of the design and material choices made against cost, time and sustainability criteria.

Our structural engineering services can be provided at any stage of a project, either as a single or multidiscipline commission. We provide initial advice for business cases and feasibility studies, concept and detailed design, production of full construction and production information as well as contract administration services.

The most important differentiating factor for our service is our team of professionally qualified, experts. They have the technical skills, knowledge and experience to find creative solutions for even the most complex challenges and the ability to communicate these clearly to all parties.