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Sustainability - What We Do - Ridge & Partners LLP
Sustainability - What We Do - Ridge & Partners LLP


It is well established that the built environment significantly impacts on our lives, businesses and on our environment, both positively and negatively.

Buildings can provide an inspiring and productive environment but are also one of the largest causes of greenhouse gas emissions which many scientists believe is causing a potentially catastrophic problem with climate change. Additionally, driven by population growth and subsequent demand, the process of constructing new buildings and infrastructure uses the earth’s finite natural resources at an ever increasing rate.

These problems have not gone unnoticed and Governments have responded by introducing new legislation and policies design to encourage us to adapt to and mitigate against the forecast effects of climate change. These include measures to reduce consumption of energy, water and natural resources, cutting our dependence on fossil fuels, and reducing the quantity of waste that is going to landfill sites.

Assets which are not energy efficient will be unviable in a few years’ time, that includes the vast majority of existing stock. Owners will see the cost of use significantly increase and the capital value of their assets fall over time if they do nothing.

All of these issues affect the owners of buildings and infrastructure assets. That is where Ridge can help you.

Our sustainability consultants can provide you with a range of expert advice on both new build projects and your existing assets. Using sophisticated modelling software and innovative processes, combined with a wide range of technical skills and knowledge, we can advise you on the best solution to help you comply with new legislation and guidelines, reduce your consumption of energy, water and natural resources, reduce waste generated from your construction activities, reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, optimise the whole life cost of constructing, maintaining and managing your buildings whilst protecting the value of your assets.

We have been involved with some of the most innovative and high profile projects which have won several environmental and sustainability awards. Our projects have helped to stimulate local economies and create social value for local communities which increasingly, are important factors in determining whether a project is given approval to proceed.

If you are concerned about protecting your reputation and demonstrating to all stakeholders that you are not just paying lip service to this important subject, and that you are actively taking positive steps and making a valuable contribution to the creation of a more sustainable future, then we can help you.