What We Do


Traffic & Transportation

Population growth, particularly in cities, is fuelling both development and demand for transport and placing an increasing burden on the existing transport network. If we are to meet the needs of our communities both now and in the future we need to provide smart, integrated and sustainable transport solutions.

Development can have a significant impact on the local and strategic road network, highway safety and the environment. In response, Ridge has created a range of strategies, technologies, models and simulations which have helped to keep people moving efficiently, safely and using less energy.

We provide a wide range of transport planning and engineering advice and services ranging in scope from master-planning and feasibility studies to integrated transport systems and travel plans, designing transport infrastructure and improvement schemes for both public and private sectors.

Ridge is involved in schemes at all stages from the initial concept stage through to design and implementation – working with planners, developers, engineers, architects and operators to develop and negotiate appropriate solutions.

Solving transport problems is often critical in demonstrating the viability of a project and unlocking the development potential of a site.  Early involvement with projects enables us to influence scheme design and bring our commercial focus to create solutions which ease congestion, reduce carbon emissions and improve safety.